CAMP is a small-batch luxury skincare line from Toronto, Canada. We believe in healthy beauty. Our products feature high-performance, botanical ingredients of the highest quality to nurture and treat skin well.

To CAMP is to embrace minimalism and natural knowledge. When you head into the wilderness, you need to pack tools that will serve you well but too much stuff is a burden – on you and on nature. So pack light and pack smart.

We are devoted to crafting clean products from pure ingredients. Each item is expertly mixed, tested and packaged in small batches using organic plant oils, handmade infusions, exotic butters and healing essential oils.

We believe in sophisticated simplicity. A well-edited formulation allows each powerhouse ingredient to perform its best without overwhelming the skin. Ingredients appear as close to their natural state as possible to retain their full profile of healing benefits. We do not add anything that doesn’t benefit your skin. That includes:

▼No dyes
▼No artificial fragrances or perfumes
▼No starches, emulsifiers or fillers
▼No alcohols or solvents
▼No surfactants
▼No preservatives (Our products are anhydrous. No water = no bacteria therefore eliminating the need for preservatives)
▼No parabens
▼No sulphates

Enjoy your journey and thanks for visiting our shop!